Assessments and Outpatient Treatment


Daybreak has Outpatient treatment programs in Spokane, WA.,  Spokane Valley, WA.,  and Vancouver, WA.

Call the location of your choice to schedule an assessment. We strive to have an available time within 48 hours of accepting your call. Please be prepared to answer a few questions and have your insurance information available.

Outpatient MAPS!

Spokane, WA
960 e 3rd Avenue- (509) 444-7033

Spokane Valley, WA
11711 E. Sprague- (509)444-7033

Vancouver, WA
Phone number: (360) 750-9635
Fax: (360) 334-9541
Contact: Angela Ball BA, CDP

Inpatient Treatment


Daybreak has two inpatient locations:

Spokane has a 40 bed all female facility.  MAP
Vancouver has a 16 bed all male facility.     MAP

How do I apply for admission to inpatient treatment?

Step One:

Please complete the Online Inpatient Admissions Application


Complete paper Admissions Packet and email us at or Fax (509 835 4272)

Please feel free to call Inpatient Admissions toll free at 1- 888- 454-5506 ext. 1003, FAX 509-835-4272

Step Two:

Once the admissions application is received and reviewed you will receive a call or email. We will begin to verify funding and insurance coverage in order to create a financial agreement for the planned stay at Daybreak.

Additional materials you need prior to admission:

A physical exam report, from a physician (a sports physical, a wellness exam from the last 12 months)

A report of TB testing from a medical practitioner or county health district from the last 12 months

Immunization records from your physician

Include a copy of your insurance card or current medical coupon

Other materials that should be included when available:

Copy of recent drug/alcohol assessment

Reports from other drug/alcohol treatment programs

Report from psychiatric evaluations or treatment Court orders related to admission or completion of drug treatment programs

Most of these materials are required by law or licensing regulations, and they provide valuable information for the treatment planning.

Day of Admission

The admission process takes several hours. We will interview the teen and the parent(s) or guardian(s) to get more background information and explain the program structure and services, answer any lingering questions and complete required paperwork.

Remember! Call us, talk to us, stay in touch. Call toll free 1(888) 454-5506 ext. 1003. We will walk you through each step of the process.